Client ready resource

  • Published on: 10 May 2018
  • By: Stuart Nicholson

As a customer you would expect to get the best calibre professional resources working alongside you on your projects. If you think back at the last engagements where you have been supplied someone new, how comfortable were you that they understood what you were trying to achieve, do you think that they were an extension to your internal team? The critical question is, if you were recruiting for a full-time position, would you actually shortlist them?

At eXceeding, we engage with every client to fully understand your needs, culture and working environment to build a ‘client ready resource’ that has the technical ability, experience and values to be sure that they will fit in to your team.

As part of our client engagement process, our Bid Practice Manager will engage with you to understand your requirements to ensure a cultural fit of all proposed resources. We continue this management oversight to assure the quality of our outputs and to work with you to fulfil any wider resourcing requirements.

Our bid practice is growing year on year, this is due to focussing on the needs and outcomes of our clients (increasing win rate, reducing bid costs, upskilling existing teams, etc).

If you want to ensure your next bid consultant is ‘Client Ready’ please get in touch now.