Prepare to be bid ready

  • Published on: 3 August 2015
  • By: Admin

As with most things in business, preparation is the key to giving you the edge over your competitors.  This is especially true of responding to tenders, so why is it many organisations simply wait for the document to be released before doing any work?  To really gain an advantage over your competition it is vital to prepare as much as possible.

Usually the lack of preparation is simply down to the organisation not being aware of the many things that can be done prior to receiving the tender documentation.


For organisations new to the competitive tender process, the first step to becoming bid ready is ensuring your compliance.  You can download our Bid Readiness Checklist HERE, which provides a comprehensive list of the essentials required when responding to most public and private sector Tenders.

For those who have previously bid for contracts the best place to start is previous submissions and evaluator feedback. This is the best indication of where you are going right or wrong.

Working through the feedback, highlight all the positives and the negatives. Responses with positive feedback can be refined and placed into a bid library to be amended for future submissions.

Answers which received negative feedback should be analysed and a solution found. If any aspect of the bid was non-compliant then serious measures must be taken to ensure future compliance.

Strategic Gap Analysis

A gap analysis will identify weak areas within previous submissions and supporting documentation. The analysis will cover common questions, policies and procedures and supporting documentation, such as CVs or case studies.

Supporting Documentation

A lot of work can be undertaken on supporting documentation before a bid is even released. It is important to ensure that all your policies and procedures are not only fully compliant, but look the part.

Professional company-branded documents help you stand out from the competition and gain marks with the evaluators. Putting in the time to create a uniform suite of policies, CVs and case studies drastically increases the chances of success.

Our strategic bid ready service ensures that businesses are not only fully prepared for the next bid, but have learnt valuable lessons from the previous submission. We provide a fully compliant, branded policy suite along with CVs, case studies and model answers, ensuring you are fully equipped to win your next bid.

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