Are you asking the right questions of your potential outsourcing suppliers?

  • Published on: 17 February 2014
  • By: Admin

We are used to hearing FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions. Last week I heard about an interesting variation: SAQs, SHOULD ASK QUESTIONS.

FAQs are the questions asked over and over again by customers when looking to buy outsourced services such as external support, hosting, Cloud, Managed Service, offshore and all aspects of outsourcing. But are these the questions customers SHOULD be asking? Typically, FAQs deal with the basic, practical information customers might need, but what they DON’T do is ask the best questions with the potential provider about the nitty gritty of the proposed service. This omission often leads to misunderstandings, misaligned of expectations, gaps in service and inevitably extra cost!

So, unlike an FAQ, an SAQ are questions that you NEED to ask your potential supplier!

In the area of outsourcing, one of the many SAQs: How do you ensure the contract I sign today still delivers best value in two years time mid contract when the market place has moved on?

Another might be: How are you incentified to look for and deliver potential cost saving during the life of the contract?

Both key to the success of a contract, I’m sure you’ll agree. But the reason you haven’t asked them, is that you probably didn’t know you could and your potential supplier certainly isn’t going to volunteer them!

We’re helping many organisations ensure that they get the best from their outsourcing contract, ensuring it continues to deliver best value and service continuously. To find out what SAQs you should be asking contact us today!

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