Who will replace Mary Berry?

  • Published on: 23 September 2016
  • By: Avtar Nagra

Many changes have taken place over the last few months in the UK and none have been more topical (maybe Brexit) than Bake Off moving channels from BBC to Channel 4.  Change is often uncomfortable, hence why some people don’t like it and shy away from making changes.  Internet pages have been littered with the story, television and radio shows have dedicated thousands of hours of air time and the waterhole has been the location of many a debate amongst friends and colleagues; “who will replace Mary Berry?”. People are struggling to adapt to the switch as the format and new presenters will bring in changes which will polarise people. 

In the global marketplace being able to deal with change has become a valuable and some would even say vital commodity.  Whether that is dealing with Brexit, downsizing, growth, legal, financial, HR compliance being flexible and adapting to change has become a key strength and driver in business.  Both public and private sector organisations have been required to adopt, adapt and deliver services by streamlining processes, improving efficiencies and doing more with less to meet shrinking budgets.  How can businesses embrace change management in order to optimise processes and strengthen their teams to take advantage of opportunities?

Change is risky.  Defining, understanding and managing risk is paramount to ensure that your change will be a success.  Managing that risk is complex as it involves people, culture, processes, systems and unknowns that require different solutions. 

During times of change it is important that communication is clear and effective so that everyone knows how change will affect them and how they contribute to the process.  Leaders need to provide clarity around the change and promote and instil confidence within the organisation.  Embracing risk and having the ability to sustain momentum is what carries you through the difficult times. How you deal with change and manage risk, are key to the success and growth of your business. Being prepared to deal with change is a key factor in business today.  We might not be able to tell you who will replace Mary Berry but we can help you prepare for and manage change.

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