Bid writing

  • Published on: 17 March 2017
  • By: Frances Talman

We understand that Bid Writing is not an easy job. It requires lot of thinking, ground work, experience and that perfect execution – together they secure the ultimate result that we always want - the win!

But, the job does not need to be that difficult!

How you present your organisation, services, or solution is an art. To excel at Bid Writing, it takes a combination of professionalism and creativity. This simple, yet effective combination is what is going to help your business grow.

Your market is full of competitors and opportunities. Both public and private sector organisations bringing 1000’s of tenders to the UK market each day. The secret is to know how to select the right opportunities and how to be successful. You also need to know how to structure your bid and write compelling responses in order to submit a compliant Bid application that has the highest chance of success.

Our experienced and enthusiastic consultants are known for their professionalism and integrity.  eXceeding’s Bid Writing services have helped 100s of clients win £Ms of business. The members of our team have worked in all sectors assuming the role of both a buyer and a supplier, and as such have extensive experiences in Bid Writing and evaluating others’ bid submissions. This unique combination of working ‘both sides of the fence’ has enabled eXceeding to build a track record of success with high win-rates.

The team is easy to work with, all work is highly confidential and they are totally committed to your Bid. With eXceeding’s consultants you can be assured that your Bid is:

  • Written, and presented, to the highest standard
  • Compliant
  • Following the best practices from a wide range of industry sector.
  • Managed by professional and seasoned Bid writing experts  with wide knowledge, skill, ability and experience

In addition to providing bid writing services, our team also delivers the following:

Bid readiness preparation

  • Bid readiness workshop
  • Bid response review
  • ‘Red team’ reviews
  • Client Bid presentations
  • Bid Strategy and Win Theme development workshops
  • Bid preparation workshops
  • Bid writing training
  • Bid process reviews

Let eXceeding assist you to write the perfect bid and taste the success!