Bid Tender Responses

Bid Tender Responses - Writing a proposal or responding to a PQQ, RFI, RFP or ITT?

We are experts in competitive bid writing and bid management.

Are you under pressure to compile and submit a proposal or formal response to a tender within a tight deadline and don’t know where to start?

Are you dissatisfied with your company’s success in winning tenders and looking to improve your bidding performance?

Or are you simply short of the skilled resources needed to deal with a forthcoming tender?

Bid Writing

Whatever your needs, eXceeding’s expert bid managers and writers are here to assist you.

Responding successfully to a tender requires skill and experience, which are time-consuming and costly to acquire, both in terms of resources, lost business and potential damage to your organisation's image!

    We can make a real difference to your bid performance, with a range of services including:
    • Bid planning and strategy
    • Assessment and structuring of formal bid processes to ensure they are ‘fit for purpose’
    • Bid/no bid decision-making support
    • Development and management of bid response
    • Review, assessment and revision of proposed input to ensure a strong, winning response
    • Creation of bid library, templates and standards
    • Review and creation of supporting documentation, policies and procedures
    • Training and development of bid teams

    Our services can vary from simply assessing your bid/no bid process, assisting with the writing or helping to produce supporting evidence, all the way through to a providing a complete bid response service.